I’ve been using twitter off and on for some time now and I’ve been thinking of good interfaces for working with twitter…

Thinking in terms of use-cases, I use twitter:

1) As an IRC replacement – real-time broadcast chat

While the twitter website works pretty well and using PowerTwitter (@powertwitter) improves the experience somewhat, I still haven’t found exactly the right tool. Sometimes I think Mirc + tircd would work, but I’m not sure. It’s definitely too complex at the moment, perhaps a Mirc like GUI would work.

2) As micro-blogging service – sharing links, blog posts, thoughts and online miscellany

TwitterBar is really good and I just love Ubiquity. Getting out of the browser, desktop apps-wise I like twhirl and DestroyTwitter

3) As a way of keeping up with friends, popular geeks, companies etc. A real-time social news feed…

I just add feeds from the people I care about to Google Reader. This way I can handle people who twitter all the time — like say @sensextweets and people who rarely twitter. I don’t like the website or DestroyTwitter etc cause it’s a pain to keep muzzling people who twitter all the time. I don’t want to stop following people, because, well I need to keep my social graph alive.

Suggestions, thoughts anyone?