“The propensity to be interested in (and perhaps aware of) an opportunity to check out a new search experience was far higher among Google searchers than among other searchers. Now the question is whether the Bing experience has translated interest into actual change in search behaviors. We’ll continue tracking this closely.”
Do you Google Bing?

Would a Yahoo user be more likely to switch to a new search engine than a Google user? Would a Google user be more willing to switch to a new search engine than a Yahoo user? While the blog post extrapolates from very little data, it seems Yahoo users are stickier. People who use Yahoo today do so knowing that Google exists (in all likelihood). They are making a positive choice, to continue using Yahoo as opposed to Google. Why?… Regardless of why yahoo users choose to continue preferring Yahoo over Google perhaps these reasons continue to hold when they think of comparing with Bing. Perhaps they don’t bother to find out about new search engines (but why would they be less inclined than Google users?)…

All in all something to chew over.