An interesting post by Umair Haque who gets strategy, innovation and all that right (IMHO). A lot more right than say Govindrajan and Immelt.

Books, Music and Video (*BMV*)

It kind of makes sense. Apple already owns the online music space. They’ll probably get there with video too. Especially paid video. I mean iTunes is probably one of the better podcast aggregators out there and the whole tie-in with Apple’s video players, iPods, iPhones etc makes it the most convenient way to get paid video and movies… but books?

If you think Kindle and believe that books will someday be digital too… then Apple’s got a fighting chance. They’ll probably be able to make a better Kindle than anyone else and they can probably get outstanding content deals. The thing is, I think Amazon rocks. No really ….Amazon EC2, S3 etc are just amazing. They’re innovative. And they sure know “physical” books! So I wonder…

Is there enough time left before the markets move east for Apple to build the Appleverse?