The Top 10 (unlimited data) plans in terms of value for money. Note that I am specifically excluding "nivyah" plans as there are not enough reports as to its quality and the prices seem so low that I figure they aren’t going to be following TRAI guidelines with respect to speed (the guideline says that an ISP must give you 80% of the advertised speed).

Monthly Price



Rs. 259

FiveNetwork: AS 256kbps

256 Kb/sec

Rs. 2,757

BSNL: Home Combo ULF 2999

2000 Kb/sec

Rs. 1,434

YOU Telecom: UN 1300 N

1000 Kb/sec

Rs. 855

YOU Telecom: UN 775 N

512 Kb/sec

Rs. 3,034

Tata Indicom: Flash 1.5mbps

1500 Kb/sec

Rs. 4,247

FiveNetwork: AS 2048kbps

2000 Kb/sec

Rs. 5,515

Tata Indicom: Infinity 2.5mbps Plus

2500 Kb/sec

Rs. 1,162

MaX Broadband: 512K SU

512 Kb/sec

Rs. 629

YOU Telecom: Angel 192 – 1 Mbps

192 up to 1000 Kb/sec

Rs. 1,213

Airtel: Swift 1099

512 Kb/sec

If your budget is:

  • About Rs. 500 per month: Go for "FiveNetwork: AS 256kbps"; if you stretch a bit to Rs. 629 per month, go for "YOU Telecom : Angel 192 – 1 Mbps"
  • About Rs. 1,000 per month: "YOU Telecom: UN 775 N"
  • About Rs. 2,000 per month: "YOU Telecom: UN 1300 N"
  • About Rs. 3,000 per month: "BSNL: Home Combo ULF 2999"
  • More than Rs. 3,000 per month, "Tata Indicom: Infinity 2.5mbps Plus" is pretty good value.


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  2. Based on networks available in Maharashtra. These plans may not be available in other states.
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