As someone who loves his BB as much as the next person, as someone who’s been a loyal BB user for as long as he can remember, as someone who doesn’t want to switch to Android/WinMo/iOS (as yet. Still waiting for Scott Adams to finish reviewing ‘mango’)…

Please fix the following:

1) Working Skype client on all networks! Or if that’s just too distasteful, some kind of secure, group capable video chat in BBM. Secure is key!
Android’s got it. Symbian’s go it. WinMo 8 will surely integrate tightly with Skype. iOS has it. Why doesn’t BBOS?

(update: 15-Nov-2012: BBM now supports voice calls; kind of better than Skype, in the sense that’s its really tightly integrated with the phone/os, but also kind of shit, cuz you can only call people on your BBM list. Also it’s only free over WiFi not over BIS/3G data. Feels like ‘too little too late’ but also feels like there’s potential here…)

2) Enable creation of WiFi Hotspots

(update 1: 1-June-2012: BBOS 7.1 supports creation of WiFi Hotspots! Slow as molasses but still, better than nothing. It’s a pity RIM won’t be with us much longer.)

(update 2: 15-Nov-2012: Turns out you need to pull a TTM Tunnel hack to allow the WiFi hotspot to use 3G instead of BIS. Can be done; sucks)

3) Decode VCF cards from Nokia users, recd. by SMS

4) Allow sending contact details via VCF to people who don’t have BB’s / BBM.

5) Enable editing of email when forwarding.

6) Dual Core 1.2GHz+ processor
I love the Bold (original) keyboard, hence no storm/torch for me. Good to see the 9900 has kept the good’ol Bold keyboard. If only the 9900 had a nice dual core so there’d be less of the hourglass….

I’ll sacrifice some battery life. But give me an option. Allow me to turn off one core. Or reduce core frequency on the fly. Kinda like Asus’s Overclocking tools, only  being used for power savings…