1. Apple is one of the largest consumers of RAM (and a key customer for Micron via Elpida); It’s been tipped in the past, that Apple could make up as much as 25% of the world’s demand for DRAM.
  2. The iPad Air 2 looks like it will have twice as much DRAM as before (the iPad Air has 1GB)
  3. Apple’s been up’ing the base RAM across much of its Mac line
  4. And iPhone 6(+) sales are looking robust
  5. So, DRAM demand looks solid
  6. About 70% of Micron’s revenue is DRAM.
  7. Micron’s PE is 11.64; which is pretty low.
  8. The big risk is that while demand for DRAM is growing crazy fast, supply if growing equally fast.


Perhaps it’s time buy some (more) MU?


Disclosure: I am long $AAPL and $MU