John Gruber (Daring Fireball): iPhone 6s (or whatever it’s called) will have the biggest jump in camera tech ever (perhaps dual-lens based on technology acquired from Linx)

  • Check, camera is now 12MP, records 4K, better low-light performance. Not dual-lens though.

Mark Gurman (9to5Mac): Same exterior (perhaps 0.13mm deeper, which is too small to be noticeable). Updated interior with fewer chips. Rose Gold as an option. Difference is size could be due to inclusion of Force Touch (not sure at all, just reporting feedback and comments on the article itself). Will have faster LTE (updated Qualcomm chip).

  • Check, iPhone 6s is a infinitesimal bit larger, has fewer chips, rose-gold option, faster LTE, substantially improved CPU

WSJ: Apple manufacturing a record number of iPhones (90mn). Same sizes.

  • Seems to be holding up, esp. when looking at Apple’s guidance for the holiday quarter.