Window Management/Misc Util

SpectacleFree, Open Source
BetterTouchTool, Donationware

Really good window management; shortcuts to dock windows to left/right half (or quadrants, or top/bottom) of screen.

Alternative: Magnet , Mac App Store, about $2. Spectacle does some stuff very well, like hitting the ‘dock right’ shortcut twice makes a window use the right third, right half, right 3/4ths etc. On the other hand magnet can dock windows on drag (i.e. drag to top of screen to make a window full screen).

Alternative: BetterTouchTool, Donationware. Can do everything Spectales/Magnet can do, better. However, it does not come batteries included, so you have to make your own shortcuts and assign window management operations to them. There’s a community forum for sharing presets but it’s not as rich. Also BetterTouchTool can do Touchbar based Window Management (though I’ve not found that very useful).

Alfred, Freemium

Better spotlight, including deep integration with Google / Gmail / Drive and other custom searches (with plugins)

OneNote, Free, Proprietary 

The best note taking app out there. Period. I’d say Apple Notes is now the best note taking app out there, because it’s so fast and has great integration with iOS & macOS. The web version is not too shabby either. Probably not a good bet if you also use Windows or Android.

ScreenHero (now owned/murdered by Slack)

CleanMyMacX (, Freemium 

Itsycal, Freemium

Developer Tools 


Visual Studio Code


Homebrew packages/bottles: 

brew install php swaks htop telnet ffmpeg mysql pstree aria2 pv q jq autojump keychain nmap readline node redis beanstalkd ripgrep rsnapshot wget rsync bzip2 git xz yarn speedtest-cli parallel composer go sqlite curl grep sshfs coreutils

Alfred Workflows