SpectacleFree, Open Source

Really good window management; short cuts to dock windows to left/right half (or quadrants, or top/bottom) of screen.

Alternative: Magnet , App Store, about $2
Spectacle does some stuff very well, like hitting the ‘dock right’ shortcut twice makes a window use the right third, right half, right 3/4ths etc. On the other hand magnet can dock windows on drag (i.e. drag to top of screen to make a window full screen).

Alternative: BetterTouchTool, Donationware
Can do everything Spectales/Magnet can do, better. However, it does not batteries included, so you have to make your own shortcuts and assign window management operations to it. There’s a community forum for sharing presets but it’s not as rich. What BetterTouchTool does incredibly well is Touchbar based Window Management!

Alfred, Freemium

Better spotlight, including deep integration with Google / Gmail / Drive and other custom searches.

OneNote, Free, Proprietary 

The best note taking app out there. Period.

ScreenHero (now owned by Slack, needs invite)

CleanMyMac (http://twidex.com/2rcfFj4), Freemium 

Itsycal, Freemium

PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code, Homebrew,