ProviderStoragePer Year
Google Drive (searchable)2TB $          100
Apple iCloud (can be shared with family)2TB $          120
Dropbox (searchable, best sync engine)2TB $          200
Backblaze B22TB $          120
Mega1Tb $          144
pCloud2TB $          100
OVH SoYouStart2TB $          360
DreamObjects (DreamHost)2TB $          600
OneDrive1TB  $          70
MediaFire1TB  $          30


  • 2TB is the sweet spot for me; YMMV.
  • iOS does not seem to search Google Drive like it does Dropbox
  • Google’s One ( may make Google’s offering more attractive
  • Google does a lot of rate-limiting apparently
  • Microsoft is giving you Office 365 (which you’d have to pay for anyways) with the 1Tb
  • pCloud: I’d trust Google over pCloud… and Drive is searchable, has an excellent API and is probably supported by a lot more tools and services.
  • iCloud: The worst by far in terms of performance; sync is slower than molasses from India. And they ($AAPL) don’t care. With Google Photos, iCloud’s limited advantage of deep integration with iOS Photos is not as relevant.
  • MediaFire: No search;

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