5 great tools you can use for everyday tasks …

  1. Coding: Github Copilot  

Your AI pair programmer
Guesses what you want to write and writes it for you. Hard to describe how good it is. 

2. Writing, like Blog Posts, Headlines, Flyers, Reports…: Copy.ai
Improve the quality of your writing in seconds. A “Bicycle for writing”, http://copy.ai is a tool that helps you craft great copy by giving you prompts and examples to get started/inspired.

3. Background Noise Removal during Zoom / other calls: krisp.ai (mainly desktop)
(Also iPhones now have a voice isolation mode that is spookily good – try calling someone from a noisy playground – it just works, though hard to turn on/off and know when its been turned on etc).

4. Image cleanup: Magic Eraser
Remove unwanted things from images in seconds

5. Image Super-resolution: Image Enlarger

Honourable mentions; stuff so good you probably already use it and don’t know it:

  • OCR on all images on iPhones
  • Google Translate is 🤌