macOS Big Sur (apparently from macOS Catalina onwards) restricts binaries from third-parties. This sux when using cli apps like alfred-plugins.

Allow CLI app: spctl --add /full/path/to/my/app

Show all rules: spctl --list

Disable Gatekeeper: sudo spctl --master-disable

Another was to achive the same result: Hold ⌥ (option) when opening app in Finder; this will fail but give you the option to “open anyway”. If you forget to hold ⌥ or it does not work, try opening anyways, then open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General; click the Open Anyway button.

Rating: Bad Apple.
Good intentions (methinks), but Apple’s gonna lock down macOS, just like it locks down iOS today. 😔. This is one more arrow in their quiver.