Private Equity Oriented

  • LetsVenture: Crowdsourced VC (India)
    • Private Equity / Unlisted companies 
  • OurCrowd: Crowdsourced VC (Global)
    • Private Equity, Unlisted companies, enables retail to LP Funds (small ticket sizes)
    • US Based, Jason Calacanis is the founder, high quality deal sourcing/diligence.
    • Takes Indian clients also, they do all the LRS and other work for you.

Public Equities 
Alternative MF/ETF/AIF structures

  • Smallcase:
    • Baskets of stocks purchased through your regular broker
    • Very expensive (fees) for smaller ticket sizes
    • More transparency than regular MF

Debt/Fixed Income Oriented

  • CredAvenue (now known as Yubi): ~7000 cr
    • Debentures, Bonds, Commercial Paper, 
    • Claims 1Mn+ retail customers
  • Grip Invest : ~300 Cr
    • Private Equity, Asset Leasing
  • Jiraaf : ~300 Cr turnover
    • Invoice Discounting, Asset Leasing, Corporate Debt, Revenue Based Financing
  • WintWealth
    • Bonds (Primarily NBFC)
  • Golden Pi
    • Bonds (wide variety)
    • Low third party volumes
  • BondsKart
  • IndiaBonds

Crowd Sourced Property Investment / Real Estate

US / Global Equities

  • IndMoney : popular; provides semi-robotic “wealth management”/reporting as well as ability to invest in MF, ETF, US Equities etc.
  • Winvesta : US Bank account + ability to invest in global Equities, startups, real-estate
  • Vested : Fractional share investing in US / Global equities
  • ZeroDha
  • Fintox
  • Kuvera
  • Interactive Brokers : OG, Full service broker