• Backblaze B2: $5/Tb/mo (data transfer: $10/Tb)
  • Wasabi Storage: $5/Tb/mo (data transfer: ??)
  • OVH physical server: $3/Tb/mo (zero data transfer and other charges, but you do need to setup ZFS and some API layer software yourself).

Backblaze and Wasabi are both S3 compatible object stores. Note that data transfer can easily dominate storage charges, for even somewhat frequently accessed data. OVH is therefore much cheaper than it appears.

Other Options

  • google / gcloud: $10/Tb/mo
    • 1 Tb  => $10/mo ($120/pa)
    • Nearline (USA): 1000 * 0.01 => $10/mo (Using prices for nearline storage, South Carolina data center)
    • Nearline (Mumbai): 1000 * $0.016 = $16/mo ($200/pa)
    • Nearline has some charges if stored for less than 30d (min term). So could be a bit more than $10 (perhaps the same as S3’s intelligent tiering)
  • amazon / s3
    • 1 Tb => $12.5/mo  (between $12.5 and $20 because intelligent tiering will take some time to kick in).
    • Using prices for S3 Intelligent Tiering, USA data center: 1000 * 0.0125 => $12.5
  • Digital Ocean / volumes: (Block storage built on Ceph)
    • 1 Tb => $100/mo (approx 10x S3 prices, yiiikes.)
    • rsync’able storage
  • Digital Ocean / spaces: $0.02 gb/mo (S3 Compatible File Storage)
    • 1 Tb => $20/mo (about the same as S3 without intelligent tiering)
  • Backblaze B2: $5/Tb/mo
    • $10/Tb data transfer; cheaper than Amazon, but can still dominate.
    • S3 compatible API

Max value

Store HOT on Digital Ocean spaces (save on bandwidth)

Move older items to gcloud nearline or lower tier

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